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Hey If anyone has some videos of you skating post them here....

These are mine but make sure you right click them and [color=red]SAVE TARGET AS[/color] and you better have some sort of cable connection cuz they're BIG files except one......

( This is my small part) [url][/url]

( This is Steve )It's the SMALL file

( this is Dan)

28 Apr 2004 18:04
:shock: WARNING-to anyone who is interested in these files-THINK BEFORE YOUR HARD DRIVE IS HAULED OVER BY THESE VIDEOS! :shock:

my god man! i cant be arsed with downloading all that. I am on a shared computer anyway(it has like 4MB hard drive left) and getting this would fill my disk up anyway.

I'm sure u r cool in the vids, man  

28 Apr 2004 18:12
K...then go to [url][/url] and type in the search TOTAL WRECK you'll find my videos and plenty others in there too  

28 Apr 2004 18:28
ive got some pritty good vids loads to come just got a brand spanking new DV camcorder and can now make :) :o :D  

29 Apr 2004 15:34
Man, post them on the site!  

29 Apr 2004 15:43
i would if i could :?  

29 Apr 2004 15:55

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