everybody i've got braces

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da sk8er gurl
:cry: i got brases they hurt :cry: plz talk to me  

19 Aug 2004 07:22
I have braces too. How long you in for?  

19 Aug 2004 07:29
ahh i'm sorry :cry:  

19 Aug 2004 07:30
da sk8er gurl
im havein them for 2 years  

19 Aug 2004 07:34
are they the metal kind or the clear caps ?  

19 Aug 2004 07:36
da sk8er gurl
the inoing meddel kind  

19 Aug 2004 07:37
eerrugh thats baaaaad  

19 Aug 2004 07:40
da sk8er gurl
yea i hate them they hurt  

19 Aug 2004 07:41
i dont think having braces will effect any part of your life..... in the long run they will be better ......coz when u get them taken out your teeth will look better

(not saying they looked bad before or anything)

i haven't even seen you  

19 Aug 2004 13:17
i got them like a montha ago they suck for when u get the tightened and stuff otherwise they dont really bother me  

19 Aug 2004 20:11
da sk8er gurl
well i got them 3 days ago but luckly my bro is the only one that bugs me about them

not even ex bfs do that  

19 Aug 2004 20:20
oooo thats good  

20 Aug 2004 02:19
da sk8er gurl
i no
my friends dont care thay say i look good in them  

20 Aug 2004 02:34
oo awsome, my freinds messes around with me for a day and that was all  

20 Aug 2004 07:03
da sk8er gurl
well at least it was a day  

21 Aug 2004 02:20

21 Aug 2004 07:34
i fukin hate it when people do that..... they say one word then send it..... thats why ure a freak because you do short messages

any way don't do it again arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh :twisted: :evil: :P :x  

23 Aug 2004 12:22
ok im sry let me re type that message. yea its good they only said stuff for a day cause other wise i would have started going crazy on them punching them and beatin them up  

23 Aug 2004 18:21
well done bruskys you are following the orders of the king of this forum

ok i think my head is seriously fucked up... i hope i can last to the 1000 post mark  

23 Aug 2004 20:44
haha wut did u do 2 make u haed all messed up  

24 Aug 2004 04:02
da sk8er gurl
omg ru seriouse im just amazed that could happin to somebody jj well ya wats happin on dude  

24 Aug 2004 07:59

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