Supermans' No Footer.

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Having trouble with both of these, Im aware that to do the former you have to do the latter. I lift up, and out, but the crank spins the arms no matter what, Ive heard something about tightening your cranks but I'm not up for that, considering somethign Ive heard about torque ratios, and what not. Im not exactly in the finance position to fuck up my bike. Im looking to superman before the weekends out, Im sick of the high, stretched out one-footers and horizontal tabletops, and other miscellaneous trivial shit, Im ready to move on but my shins are begging for the cash to either buy shin guards ($which I dont have$) or the ability to get back on the pedals and dial it before i hit the landing ramp. Help on this is much appreciated, Im in dire need of a change of pace with my BMX life.
I think some no footers and supermans would help. Thanks!  

13 Aug 2005 10:14
shin gaurds sound like a good idea  

15 Aug 2005 05:55
Yes, shingaurds help alot. I always think about just gashing my shins open..and then I wore my friends shingaurds and I didnt think about it lol. Deffinitly get a pair if you can.  

15 Aug 2005 07:41
Skratch Kid
Supermans are fuckin crazy... I'm 0 for 3 in my attempts at them. I have 3 new scares to show for it. I agree, if anyone has advice, please share the love  

24 Aug 2005 11:31
tighten your chain then you can do anything but crank flips  

19 Sep 2005 15:32

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