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First start out rolling towards very slightly sloped pavement, then you stick your lead foot (for me it is my right foot) on the crank arm itself and the other foot on the pedal, then jump off the pedals, and while you do, kick the crank down so that it does a crank flip, while you are in the air while your cranks are fliping stick your foot in the front tire so that you do a nose stall, or stoppie, (when I do a nose stall I can balance for like 5 seconds , so you have to practice your balance) when you do a nose stall it is pretty easy to keep enough balance so that you can take both hands completely off, so add a no hander when you get good, then after all is said and done, you land back on your pedals, and ride fakie for awhile until your lead foot is in front and press as hard as you can and whip it around, so that it is a 180 roll out, then your done showing off in front of your friends. So basically you are doing a crankflip no-handed nose stall 180 roll out. I made this trick up my self while I was trying new tricks. If you keep practicing this trick it gets really easy and looks really cool.