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A feeble grind is a grind where your rear peg grinds across a surface, and your front wheel rolls across it. This trick can be done on rails and other obstacles, but for learning purposes, I'd suggest trying it out on a small, downward sloping concrete wall. Waxing down the edge of the wall is recommended, as it will make things easier as well as make your grind faster and smoother. Regular candle wax should do just fine. Most people grind on the left side of their bike, but either side will work fine - do whichever feels more comfortable. As far as the pegs are concerned, I'd use a deep-well socket type of peg instead of the thread-on variety. I'd suggest that these pegs be smooth, chromed steel and 4 to 5 inches long. Ride up next to the wall at a medium speed and bunnyhop up onto the waxed section, with your rear peg grinding across the wall and your front wheel rolling across it. Before you come to a stop, bunnyhop up and away from the wall and ride off. That's pretty much it - it just takes some practice to hit the wall just right with your rear peg and front wheel. Again, this trick is not limited to a bunnyhop. It can be done across the coping of ramps or done by launching off a jump and feebleing across some surface.