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To do a nosepick, do a bunnyhop, hit your front brakes, then push the front end of the bike down into an endo (all this while still in the air). Aim for the edge of whatever you are trying to nose-pick (curb, wall, bench, whatever). Hang there on your front wheel for a second (with your front brakes still locked, of course) and then do a little front wheel hop just prior to jumping back off. This trick is not limited to a bunnyhop. For example, you can jump a hill or a ramp, nosepick a wall, and then jump back into the ramp, hill, or whatever. There are different ways you can "hop back in." You can nosepick something at an angle, turn a little bit on your front wheel, and hop back in front wheel first. This is ideal for hopping back into a jump; it's not recommended to hop back in front wheel first onto flat ground. You can also hop back in backwards and fakie out of the trick, which is somewhat more difficult. I'd suggest learning this trick well, as it is used quite often in street and ramp riding. There are also many variations of this trick (nose-pick to tailwhip, nosewheelie to nosepick, etc.)