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In order to learn the kickflip, it is necessary that you learn the ollie. Now that you have learned it, I want you to get on your board in an ollie stance. Okay, we're going to have to alter this stance a little. Take you front foot and put it right before the front bolts. Now turn it 45 degrees. The ball of your back foot should be in the middle of your tail. Now to actually do the trick. First you gotta pop down your tail real hard, just like an ollie, so you begin to get off the ground. As you rise, you should slide your foot the way you do for an ollie, but you want to slide off the heel edge of your board also. Now you better have your feet outta the way. Wait for the board to spin around, and stay well above it. When it comes round bring your feet back in and catch it. The best place for your feet to catch the board is right on top of all the bolts. You want to "catch" or "grab" it in the air with your feet, and then bend your knees a little because the ground is coming. When your board hits the ground (and you should be on it at this point...), you need to use your legs like shocks on a car, and absorb the landing. Ride away looking cool, because you just did one of the harder basic tricks to master.