Getting Up

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After you have put on the bindings either on the edge of your dock or in the water (sandals & bungies are easier to put on in water, boots are easier to soap up and put on on the edge of the dock/back of boat), get in the water. Let the board float up in front of you so that you're lying on your back. When you get a hold of the rope and it begins to lose some slack, pull your knees to your chest, keep you arms straight, and put your leading foot's knee between your arms. Remember not to try to force the board under you - keep it parallel to the back of the boat. When the line is tight,signal the driver to "hit it!". When you're coming up keep your arms straight! Let the boat do the work! In my experiences without any pylon, when you are coming up, your knuckles begin to be pulled against the board - that's when you slowly begin to stand up and guide to board perpendicular to the back of the boat.