The Best Places for BMX Riding

Let’s face it the best places for BMX riding are skate parks. But with petitions and pending legislation, most of us have to wait until the bike bans are lifted before we can rip it up. Where can you go while you wait? How about off road? Scavenge the outskirts of your town for dirt roads. The more bumps and puddles the better. Don’t miss getting out there right after a heavy rain fall. Bikes and mud make a good combo. If you have a motorized scooter you may want to try it off road too. Once you find a path you like, you’ll want to innovate to make it even better. Build some big jumps right along the path. Don’t forget that creeks are fun to ride through. Find a path that dips into a nice stream. Though nothing is quite like a skate park for delivering your best tricks, you can find cool places to ride during your fight for BMX access.

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