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  • 180 to Tiretap - I learned this on a mini ramp but now I can do them on flat ground... Get a
  • 360 - First off you need to know, which I'm sure you do, what foot you go into a
  • Curb Mount - All you have to do is go up to a curb at about walking speed lock your fron
  • Curtain Call - For this trick all you need is a ramp and energy. Go at a fast pace and hit
  • Double crankback - All you have to do is wheelie onto a curb and then crank your pedels back t
  • Feeble grind - A feeble grind is a grind where your rear peg grinds across a surface, and
  • Flatland bar spin - Start out with your left foot on the left back peg. Keep your right foot on
  • Half Whip Pogo - While riding put your right foot on the left peddle and left foot on front
  • Manual - Its very simple. Let's start off by finding place that is flat. Finding a s
  • Nosepick - To do a nosepick, do a bunnyhop, hit your front brakes, then push the front
  • Pinky Squeaks (Flatland) - This combines backwards squeakers and whiplashes. Start with your right foo
  • Tail Whip - Start out by rolling at a slow speed then shove your left foot on the right
  • THE DAN - First start out rolling towards very slightly sloped pavement, then you sti
  • X-Up - OK an x-up is one of the easiest tricks you can do. All you need to do is a