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2003 General Mountaineering Camp will be located in the Snowy Pass group of the Rocky Mountains, situated directly between Mts. Columbia and Tsar. This year's camp is a fly in/fly out; your knees will love us for this! At an elevation of 2225m/7186' (grid ref. 71785), we will have a spectacular campsite located just south and above Snowy Pass. The major peaks in the area are Mt. King Edward (3495m/11,300'), Chaba Peak (3210m/10,593'), Omega (3030m/9786'), Triad Peak (3110m/10,045') and Wales Peak (3140m/10,142'). The more obscure mountaineering objectives we will also climb include Deamon Horns (3023m/9800'), the N and S peaks of Watershed Mt. (3201m/10,430'), Aquaduct Mt. (3235m/10,450'), Aquaduct Centre Peak (3188m/ 10300') and Ontario Peak (2972m/9600'). The summits of Toronto (2848m/9200') and Aquaduct North (3003m/9700') offer nearby scrambles with great views. This remote and seldom visited area will afford opportunities for new climbs and routes - the variety is endless. In addition to the longer, technical challenges, there are many pleasant, shorter and non-technical routes near the camp.