Climbing Glossary

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  • Bouldering - The practice of climbing on large boulders. Typically this is close to the ground, so protection takes the form of crash pads and spotting instead of belay ropes.
  • Contact strength - The strength required to gap and grip a hold at speed. Latching a hold requires strength and power, but also the correct timing to coordinate your muscles contractions into a sudden burst of power.
  • Drop knee - Similar to the backstep, but the knee is rotated inside and downward allowing the foot to push sideways or toe hook on a hold that is too high to backstep.
  • Hip roll - Rotating the hips from a frontal position to face sideways bringing the hip closer to the wall. Used in conjunction with a backstep the hip roll can be used to maintain body tension on overhanging routes by putting the leg in a more biomechanically effective position to push off of the foot hold.