Inline skate - Information

Inline skates are a modification of ice skates which are also a derivative of roller skates. They are composed of an ice skate or ski like boot with a frame attached to the bottom to which 3, 4 or 5 polyurethane wheels are set. These are set in a line (hence the name "inline") and the result feels much like ice skates on concrete. The birth of the successful inline skate design, occurring in the late 20th century, were grass skates with rolling treads designed for professional and amateur skiers to practice off-season. The first inline skate, however, was patented in 1819 by Monsieur Petitbled.

There are many sports based on the inline skate: roller hockey, downhill racing, Inline speed skating and distance skating, aggressive inline, etc.

Throughout the world; Los Angeles, Paris, San Diego, San Francisco, Taipei there are groups of people, sometimes numbering in the thousands, who don their inline skates for the Friday Night Skate.