Inline Skating Glossary

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  • Acid grind - A grind in which your soul foot is on the bar/curb normally, but instead of your front foot being perpendicular to the bar like normal, it points in the opposite direction.
  • Alley oop - A move in which you turn one way while rotating another. Ie: you catch air on a ramp going right to left, yet you spin clockwise. When used in reference to grinding, it means doing the grind backwards. An example of this would be an alley-oop soul. This has the same stance as a soul grind yet you slide the object soul foot first.
  • Backside - A type of grind. If you are approaching a bar on your right, and turn 90 degrees counterclockwise to get on it, you are doing a backside grind.
  • Disaster - Generally associated with grinding. You do a disaster grind when you jump high (possibly doing a grab), land and grind.
  • Grind - Where you jump onto something and slide down it on your skates. You usually go parallel to a curb, jump and turn 90 degrees, and slide sideways down it. There are innumerable variations of this.