Inline Skating Trick Tips

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  • 180 down stairs - First roll towards the set of stairs you chose to go down, bend your knees
  • 360 off a ramp - Roll at a moderate speed when you hit the top of the ramp or kicker or what
  • Backslide - Ride up to what you are going to grind at speed and jump on. Your back foot
  • China Wall - This trick is very simple but put with a few conversions and you can have a
  • Dropping in on a halfpipe or quarter - Dropping in is quite simple all you need is guts. Basically all you have to
  • Frontside Grind - OK, well the first place you should learn this trick on is a mini halfpipe.
  • Mute Grab (180) - Find something to jump off of that you're comfortable with, roll at a nice
  • Onefoot Grab Slide - Approach the railing at moderate pace. Jump hold one of your feet whilst sl
  • Royale - To land this trick you need to feel loose and ready to go all the way. I su
  • Soul Slide - This trick is very much like the frontside grind. The front foot is the sam
  • Stair jump - Well, you start off by getting as much speed as you can and just as you are