Picking the Best Board

When you want to buy a board make sure it suits what you want to skate and where you want to skate at. Here are some tips to help make up your mind. If you are newer to skating, then you might want to go with something that suits what you want to use the board for. If you want a board for transportation, use a longboard, a skateboard that is bigger than normal short boards. They range from 9 inches wide and up and 34 inches long and up. They also have a weird shape, compared to short boards. When you want to wreak some havoc on the town, get a short board. They are good for trick skating. Some things you might want to know about boards are listed below.

Short Boards: Vert vs. Street
* A good concave (the bend in the skateboard) on a board always helps for better control on tricks, especially kick tricks.
* Vert skaters usually have wider and longer skateboards to grab easier. They range from 7.85-8.5 inches in width and 32+ inches long.
* Street boards are smaller ranging from 7.375-7.85 inches wide and 29-31.75 long.
* Pop in a board is key to tricks, some boards have more pop than others, so experiment with it.
* Some decks also last longer than others.
* Some boards are lighter than others, too. The lightest boards I know about are Element and Enjoi, and some of the heaviest are Blind and Zero.
* Don't always go for the most expensive equipment, they sometimes are the worst.
* Most skateboard decks are made of 7 Plys of Maple wood. Some are made of 8 or 9(also the heaviest), and others are made of 6(lightest).
* Graphics on a board don't matter, they will eventually go away if you use the board regularly anyway.
* NEVER EVER, EVER PUT ANY PART OF ANY SKATEBOARD IN WATER. It will delaminate you board(come apart), rust your bearings, trucks and harware, and make your parents mad bacause they have to buy you a new $100+ board(If they buy em' for you of course).
* Breaking or snapping a board is normal, cause they get old, or are really weak in construction.
* Replace old boards after more than 4-6 months.
* Remember, your not a pro yet and you don't get boards for free.
* Safety is important, too. It costs less to buy a helmet than a broken body part (I don't use em' but you should anyway)