Skateboarding Trick Tips

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  • 180 ollie - First get a good amount of speed so you can ride away clean. Then put your
  • Boardslide - To do this trick get some speed but first find a good curb or rail. Then pu
  • CannonBall - Like some of my past trick tips this trick is a vert trick. To do this comb
  • Casper - Put your feet in the ollie position. Don't ollie, press down on the inside
  • Front Boardslide on downward rails - This trick is a mission. Make sure you lock em on flat rails and boxes firs
  • Gymnast plant - Ride at a slowspeed. Do a boneless type thing but put your weight on your h
  • Heelflip - First, place your front foot on the bolts with your heel on the edge closes
  • Helicopter - When you are going off a ramp of some kind you take your skateboard from un
  • Impossible - First off, don't try this on flat ground at 1st. Try it off stairs or a loa
  • Indy - To do an indy you have two options; 1. If you can ollie high then all you
  • Kickflip - In order to learn the kickflip, it is necessary that you learn the ollie. N
  • Lil' spin - To do this trick you need to be comfortable with shove-its and 180s. When
  • Manual - Manual is the most easiest trick you should know. Okay, to do this you shou
  • Nollie - This trick is very similar to the ollie. It is basicall a switch ollie. You
  • Ollie - This trick is the reason why skateboarding became popular. Almost every tri
  • Tail Grab - Tailgrab is just like an indy except you grab the tail of the board. To do
  • Varial flip - This is a pretty easy trick after you've masterd the kickflip. Ok, get y