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My chains startin to rust...any one no how to stop it?  

28 Feb 2003 09:40
high flier
just put a little coat of grease over it. and stop riding in the snow lol. that should work for ya. have fun riding. if you need any more info e-mail me at

28 Feb 2003 13:22
i cant believe u asked that u dont even know how to stop ur chain rustin  

19 Feb 2004 12:40
Clean it off with a rag and some cleaning solution and spray it with some Tri-Flow, or similar lubricant. DO NOT use WD-40.  

08 Apr 2004 04:00
[b][color=red]Why not WB 40?[/color][/b]  

08 Apr 2004 04:47
Buy chain lubricant.  

08 Apr 2004 17:07
WD 40 dries the chain out over time.  

09 Apr 2004 03:01
[b][color=red]Ohhh ok[/color][/b]  

09 Apr 2004 04:48
use wd-40 buddy  

03 Nov 2005 05:43
t-12 is better then wd-40, i used to put that stuff on my bearings  

03 Nov 2005 19:04
t-12 is much better. at my dads work they have a giant vat of it for washing car parts. we just drop our parts in and they come out clean and it is hard for em to rust again.  

03 Nov 2005 20:38
lol thats pretty cool.  

03 Nov 2005 23:42
yea. his work basicaly lets me do anything cause i weld alot of their transmossion and engin lift brackets. i've saved them loads of money.  

03 Nov 2005 23:46
cause you work for free?  

03 Nov 2005 23:49
nope. i just charge alot less. only sometimes i will charge labor cause i just like welding. its fun.  

03 Nov 2005 23:59
a rusty cahin aint that bad.......... if it gets really rusty i think its just best to get a new one  

04 Nov 2005 19:48
[QUOTE=Therejectedbmxer]nope. i just charge alot less. only sometimes i will charge labor cause i just like welding. its fun.[/QUOTE]

like, who would work at woodward for the money? its all the free skating and the riding, lol.  

05 Nov 2005 01:03
i put wd-40 on my chain and it works great, it hasnt dried out my chain yet and it makes it run way smoother  

07 Nov 2005 02:35

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