3 Short Skate Films from Israel

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Mount Pellier
Skateboard Film Festival in Israel brought out the 3 most outstanding videos. Check out the Preview and of you like it youll have to Log In the Page to See all three.


28 Dec 2005 08:19
stop spamming  

28 Dec 2005 12:58
israel, one of my goals is to visit the holy land and come back alive in one piece...

WOAH!!! owned  

29 Dec 2005 00:41
Mount Pellier
If you dont believe me ask Spaztix about how good the videos are?

When I received the footage I had no clue they skated, even less made videos.. they seem to deal with stress pretty good..  

29 Dec 2005 03:32
whaaaa ask me? i didnt watch them  

29 Dec 2005 06:22
what the hell is that guy talking about?  

29 Dec 2005 23:36

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