has anyone here actually surfed?

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i did a few year ago i had a board and tuff i wasn't to bad any of the other regulars here do it?  

28 Dec 2005 13:06
i havent actually been on a surfboard, but when i was in spain i had a good time boogie boarding  

29 Dec 2005 00:43
ive always wanted to try surfing, it looks like alot of fun  

31 Dec 2005 02:20
yea...holy freakagen crap it is so fun  

25 Jan 2006 07:38
its real hard but if you can get on a wave, oh boy  

25 Jan 2006 15:56
ya it looks hard to get onto a wave and to stand up and ride the wave  

25 Jan 2006 21:51
it is, i tried when i was boogie boarding but it was too hard so i just kpt on boogieing  

25 Jan 2006 22:49
lol boogieing  

24 Feb 2006 06:21
I surf and bodyboard twice a week. Just ordered my Dutchie longboard today, gonna be sick...  

26 Jun 2006 20:02
i surf quite alot and i boggie board well mabey thats because it is never flat where i live but yeah it may be hard at first but after a while it is cake  

04 Aug 2007 19:39
I do when i can I grew up in Sebastine intlet FL the best place! on my coast of FL. Dam water is so warm i really do feel like shark bait...  

18 Aug 2007 03:34

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