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k i bought a set of momentum wheels and completely hate them.

i've thought of getting a set of flip side-cuts or love shrooms, but whats a good set of wheels that dont slip like crazy and wear down really quickly?  

29 Dec 2005 01:47
habitat wheels, the best company for wheel  

29 Dec 2005 02:04
i had the sidecuts they lasted forever i loved em  

29 Dec 2005 06:23
get the spitfire multiballs in 49mm good for street and well grippy.  

29 Dec 2005 18:39
Thanx guys.

I bought a set of reds and skated in the rain once or twice and now half of them are rusted. would it be better to just spray the bearings with WD-40 or go out and buy a whole new set of bearings?  

30 Dec 2005 22:19
wd-40 sucks. i use "bloob" but if you dont want to use that use t-12 gun oil, thats pretty good stuff  

31 Dec 2005 02:14
definitly get spitfires, i had them the whole time i skated and they didnt wear down too much, i prolly had them for about 4 years, actually i still have them lol  

31 Dec 2005 02:17
wd-40 is great just don't overspray  

31 Dec 2005 07:22
Awsome well i dont have bloob or t-12 gun oil but WD-40 is cheap so ill probably go with that  

01 Jan 2006 00:17
wd-40 isnt really a lubricant its a de-greaser right?...just spray the bearings with wd-40 and then lightly coat them with sowing machine oil or something  

19 Jan 2006 11:57
people use it on thier doors and stuff, it lubricates. and bloob is just the fancy name for sewing machine oil.  

19 Jan 2006 15:29
wd-40 is water deterant 40  

19 Jan 2006 18:06

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