Anybody listen to music when skating???

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I'm a novice skater, but am slowly building up the skills... I need to listen to music to get psyched about doing some of the crazy stuff. Just started interning w/Universal and they've been hooking us up with all kinds of music, which really comes in handy!!!

I just came across this band called Delinquent Habits, they're sorta a combination between Cypress and Beanuts, but also have a little bit of the latin beats goin on too. I looked em up on the internet, and apparently a ways back, they also opened for Korn... so I guess they've got a little bit of everything goin on! Has anybody heard of them???They've got a site with some cool tracks to check out,  

05 Mar 2003 16:48
yes you should listen to music if you want to it sikes you up and allows you to do bigger tricks and no one will be able to put you off i know coz i do it alot[color=red][/color] :) :D  

02 Jan 2004 15:20
it's good but really dodgy when u go down a hill that just makes u do faster n faster cos u cant hear the cars lol  

09 Jan 2004 19:33
cypress u said

they are the best raper in the world YeA :D :wink:  

11 Jan 2004 19:37

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