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How difficult would it be to change over a frame on a fully built bmx?  

31 Dec 2005 15:08
if you know what to do, it;s easy as hell.  

31 Dec 2005 21:27
since you are asking (not to be mean) you probally don't know how so it won't be so easy just take it to a bike shop and ask them to do it and maybe show you a few things so you can learn hwo on your own  

31 Dec 2005 21:28
ok thanks i am thinking of swaping a rumption bmx over to a GT karkass is this a good idea or would i be better of just keeping the ruption?  

31 Dec 2005 23:55
ok so do you have a complete ruption bike? what model?

and do you have just the gt frame and you would put the stock ruption parts on it?

cause the gt isn't that great of a bike iono about the ruption i looked em up online and there just in the uk so i wouldn't think they have the best bikes  

01 Jan 2006 00:11
i have a full ruption bmx and just a GT frame i think it is the karkass frame but i dont know about the ruption or the years for both of them  

01 Jan 2006 01:00
just keep your bike how it is unless its a really low end ruption  

01 Jan 2006 01:12

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