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[I]Action Sports News for the eXtreme……[/I]

[B]January 4, 2005 [/B] -- Just as you were getting addicted to the weekly Podcast, the ASnews team ups the ante once again and makes history by delivering Videocast #1. In the premier videocast, video engineer, Gregg "Tekko" Gnecco hosts a face to face interview with one of the world's best snowkiters, [B]Alex Peterson[/B]. The 15-minute segment includes footage of Alex boosting trees and roads along with highlights from Alex's recent session in the mountains and hills of Oregon.

You are probably asking yourself, what the heck is a videocast? A videocast is similar to a podcast -- just add video. There are several browsers that support videocasts, but iTunes seems to be the easiest. If you are techno nerds like us and have that iPod or wireless device with a video screen, you can now download Videocasts along with our weekly podcasts and watch action sports television in the palm of your hand. Or, you can just download directly from iTunes to your computer monitor. This is just the beginning of what is yet to come.

The easiest way to download Videocast #1 is to subscribe to our podcast. You can do it by logging onto and clicking on the iTunes icon. This will prompt you to the subscriptions page. Our podcasts and videocasts run on the same feed, so if you already subscribe to our feed make sure to click update on your iTunes browser. is proud to have Gregg "Tekko" Gnecco on the news staff. We will be following up in the upcoming weeks with Videocast #2. Gregg is flying to a secret spot in the Caribbean. We can't go into the details of the trip, but we promise you will be on location. Thanks to everyone who has helped support We appreciate the grassroots network of action sports fans who keep tuning in. Ryan Riccitelli will be firing off Podcast #18 on Friday with a really cool surprise guest. Tune in. You won’t be disappointed.  

05 Jan 2006 19:59
ipods are gay, pffffff  

06 Jan 2006 15:23
i broke my ipod nano the other day and had to bring it back to best buy  

07 Jan 2006 02:40
lol how did u break it  

07 Jan 2006 23:33
i went to park city and iunno, it stopped playing so i looked at it and the screen was all fucked up and there was lines through it but it could still play music, so i took and it back and they dont have any 4 gigs left so i have to wait till they get more in lol  

08 Jan 2006 00:04
cause ipods are gay  

09 Jan 2006 01:13
who needs the screen anyways  

10 Jan 2006 04:21

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