ever been chased by a big dog on your bike

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it all starts like this see me and my friend were goin to the park when out of no where comes this big ass dog from behind the old church my friend has coster brakes on his bike (becuase he s a dumb ass) so he slamms on the breaks and spins out and pedals in the opposite direction me i kept peddlin so its me and the dogg i m peddlin my ass off and the doggs right beside me so i squeeze the brakes and the bike come to a hualt and i hop up the curve and the dogg stopps for some reason

it was awesome  

06 Jan 2006 03:50
something simmilar liek that happened to me. except it was me and 50 bikers in daytona and teh dog was 2 cops. they stopped for some reason, we didnt know why, until we saw them grab their 12g's out of the cars and tell us all to stop. the funny thing is that they actualy thought that that would stop us.  

06 Jan 2006 03:53
Has anyone ever told you YOUR RE CRAZY!!!! just playin (but not really)  

06 Jan 2006 03:58
many times. lol. there is a post on here somewhere that has pics of me jumping off of a baseball dugout when i basicaly only had 1 working pedal. now thats crazy.  

06 Jan 2006 04:15
haha dude maniak all this stupid shit happens to you  

06 Jan 2006 07:55
[QUOTE=spaztix]haha dude maniak all this stupid shit happens to you[/QUOTE]
lol j/k  

06 Jan 2006 08:10
its happened to me on foot but not on a bike  

06 Jan 2006 15:32
i got chased by a crazy little dog with my bro  

06 Jan 2006 23:23

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