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Have you ever left your bike under or around a tree and a bird comes around and sht on your seat

guess not only me huh?:  

06 Jan 2006 04:04
: points and laughs: ;)  

06 Jan 2006 04:17
[QUOTE=Therejectedbmxer]: points and laughs: ;)[/QUOTE] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  

06 Jan 2006 07:54
that a big problem in baltimore, they actually had to put mesh over the court house because pidgeons always sit and shit on people from the ledges  

06 Jan 2006 15:29
i have seen that happen so many times like this one time we were walkin past the candy store and my cousin happens to look up for no apperent reason and a bird shit in his eye and he was runnin around in circles screamin IT BURNS AHHH true story
i was laffin till the point were i couldnt breathe anymore  

06 Jan 2006 18:10
why didnt you help  

09 Jan 2006 00:00
ya man wut the fuck jk lol  

09 Jan 2006 02:03
becuase vit was to funny and if somethin is that funny then you should let it keep going until they are in danger  

09 Jan 2006 03:29
ya it is pretty funny seeing ur friend in pain like that lol  

09 Jan 2006 06:27
he couldve gone blind

its funny because its not me.  

09 Jan 2006 15:30
ya and that too, when it doesnt happen to yourself its even funnier lol  

09 Jan 2006 22:05
Rofl, funny, i ones rode under a train station fast, and the bird tried flying, but his tail hit my forehead. Rofl it was scarry.  

23 Jun 2007 08:08

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