Hoffman Disrupter EL1 Bike (2006)

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Hey guys as you can tell I am asking if anyone has the above BMX or has seen a review of it as I am considering buying it and want to know where it is a good beginner BMX or not?? :???:


07 Jan 2006 22:18
it's a good bike for vert and street. there is really no such thing as a good beginner bike because the cheap ones are usually crap. if it's not too heavy for you it would be a good bike.  

07 Jan 2006 22:21
Thanx dude. I really can't find any other reviews on this particular bike so i'll take your word for it :) I'm really excited about buying it. Do you know any online shops for trousers, tops etc?  

07 Jan 2006 22:26
^^^best company ever. :D


07 Jan 2006 22:28
a larger list of bmx clothing places on my site.

07 Jan 2006 22:30
yea little devil is the coolest. danscomp is my favorite online ordering company.

and go to our forums listed above there are tons of links to clothing sites

that bike loos pretty good  

07 Jan 2006 22:34
what are you going to be riding? terrain wise  

07 Jan 2006 22:35
Thanx dudes i'll check them out now :)  

07 Jan 2006 22:35
Mixture between park and street.  

07 Jan 2006 22:39
can you do anythign yet or are you just startin?  

07 Jan 2006 22:40
:) Just starting really lol  

07 Jan 2006 22:49
awesome well if ya need some trick tips or anything this is the place to ask away  

07 Jan 2006 22:50
Hey are there any British online ordering sites? :)  

07 Jan 2006 23:00
[QUOTE=spaztix]awesome well if ya need some trick tips or anything this is the place to ask away[/QUOTE]

Thanx dude :-)  

07 Jan 2006 23:01
oh ur not in the us? i really have no idea im sure there are some. i think dans ships to england iono. well there are some other british dudes who will prolly be on later they would know  

07 Jan 2006 23:02
Haha yeah I'm British. I really can't seem to find any cool sites that ship to England. I've tried sites like Rollersnakes, Rout£on£ and ExtremeDirect.  

07 Jan 2006 23:06

iono if they ship there those are just some other good ones i know.

just find a bike shop you can go to. its godd to have that cause if you ever need help you get to know the guys there and stuff and they can tell you whats broken and show you how to fix stuff.  

07 Jan 2006 23:08
Thanx I'll have a look :)  

07 Jan 2006 23:29
Have you ever tried listening to music while riding it really gets you pumped up especially if you tryin to do a trick that really hard  

08 Jan 2006 01:50
ya i do most of the time i go biking  

08 Jan 2006 02:30
just use the search , theres a whole thread on biking while listening to music  

08 Jan 2006 02:32
hey iam a newbie from australia the hoffman disrupter was my last bike b4 i got my macneil heaton it was a good bike and should last a long time

17 Jan 2006 17:59

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