Hey, Have you heard of me.

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Hey, People. I was just wondering do any of you UK skaters know who i am, this aint a kid messing around. I skate Vert, I was 'Sprite Urban Games' and 'Adventure sports this year'. I took first on both. I am a vert Skater. I have been skating since i was 14.  

06 Mar 2003 19:23
yeah ive heard of you! Your ali cairns...im from the states,but your in abunch of 411 videos and stuff

10 Feb 2004 07:08
I live in the uk and i've heard of you. I've actually seen you a few times
once at nass 03, twice at park central in Bristol and also at Lloyds when the red bull vert ramp was there. Are you going to the Armageddon Cup and nass this year?  

30 May 2004 17:18
dude i think you posted a couple months too late....he gone man......lost FOREVER.......j/k.......havent seen him around though......  

01 Jun 2004 04:42
nope never heard of him....  

01 Jun 2004 05:23
yeh i always see his name in 411s  

01 Jun 2004 09:53
yeah but who knows if it not just some kid posting with his name.....I mean my name could have been Eric Koston and I could say that I'm him,eh?  

02 Jun 2004 07:36
yeh but why would eric kosten come on this site??  

02 Jun 2004 09:27
why would ali_carnins?  

03 Jun 2004 02:45
cause hes not as well nown  

03 Jun 2004 08:48
yeah i guess but I still wouldn't cuz thats makes it look like your not that good cuz your on some forums while you should be making some video or taking some pics,eh?  

03 Jun 2004 20:21
search ali cairns on google and find out who he is  

03 Jun 2004 21:42
i think i no u ali  

03 Jun 2004 22:22

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