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i'm wondering how big my bike should be because i just grew out of my old bike and i don;t know what size i should get i was thinking of finding a good bike shop so i can just try the sizes out. does anybody know were any store listing are because there are not many bike stores where i live and the ones that are here aren't that good

any help would be great

P.S. srry if this is annoying i know how many noobs ask the same question over and over again  

15 Jan 2006 05:13
how tall are you and do you race or freestyle?  

15 Jan 2006 05:16
im like 63 inches or five foot 3  

15 Jan 2006 17:11
i think a 19 or 19.5 top tube.

as so bike shops search like google or something  

15 Jan 2006 19:18
spaz is right. i'm also 5'3" and i fit best on a 19" or 19.5" there are only 3 or so complete bikes for freestyle with that toptube lenght and only 2 freestyle frames. the damn bike companies need to think of the short people. damn bike nazi's.  

15 Jan 2006 19:38

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