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hey! i was wondering if anybody had any good bike websites to buy a dk step up on

skate boarding sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

16 Jan 2006 22:29

and that wasn' a nice statement to make because skating is cool too, not as good as bmx, but no one likes someone who says shit ahout other people we should all be able to get along in unity  

16 Jan 2006 22:38
taht was a poor ass way to start out on this forum. i've got more resdpect for the ion using forum hater dude who we all hate.  

16 Jan 2006 23:31
and i saw in ridebmx magazine they did a survey and 63% or something around that bmxers also skate  

17 Jan 2006 00:25
geez guys freakin chill its not that big a deal  

17 Jan 2006 01:06
yea it is cause that was a stupid statement dude. i skate my friends skate it dosnt suck its pretty cool  

17 Jan 2006 01:20
its not bad that people cross over. it is if they cross over to inline, damn fruiter booters.

and ill have you know i just got back from skating my friends high school, so, PFFFFFFFF  

17 Jan 2006 01:24
I seen a fruitbooting video it was fucking hilarious sum asshole deicdes to grind a hand rail and bites it right in to cement blood everywhere and he was unconscious  

17 Jan 2006 02:11
[url][/url] might have and its canadian W00t  

17 Jan 2006 02:13
Hey Any One Into Bmx sites-Come Check Out [url][/url] For some sik Pics  

17 Jan 2006 12:38
dont spam, pffffffffff  

17 Jan 2006 15:25
hey looks like you all 4 got about me

fuc yall then  

17 Jan 2006 17:00
i didnt forget about you, you just made it to my shitlist and i stopped readin what u said.  

17 Jan 2006 23:50
go to [url][/url] its racist as hell but its so funny  

18 Jan 2006 15:30

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