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we all know what the x-games are (hopefully) and that they are pretty much rigged and that dave mirra will win even if he doesnt even ride. just look at the poll and answer it and in a reply post, state why and only why you choose what you did. no spamming and stay on topic.  

23 Jan 2006 06:50
i say there should be an amature competition besides the pro comp because, not just the fact that i'de maybe be able to enter, there are alot of non-pro bmxers that i know and haveheard of that just absolutely rape but dont have the funds or anything to be pro. plus it would also give kids a greater chance of having a future in bmx because face it, we(the youth of today, u.s. only) are fucking lazy as hell and give up easily.  

23 Jan 2006 06:56
i say yes too because it would get alot of younger ppl who are good noticed and potentially get sponsored  

23 Jan 2006 07:07
im undecided, skateboarding should be in the olypics, that would have people going apeshit  

23 Jan 2006 15:51

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