i really suck

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I kinda sucka t everything when i skate. I cant get my ollies high and i keep practicing and i cant really get anything else. I try and try but dont get anywhere! any tips for beginners??? help!!!  

05 Apr 2003 18:12
For beginners try the basic tricks over and over gaain. It's the only way you'll learn to stomp them. Try shuv its' 180-ollies and basics like that. They only invole little turns of the board. When you learn the basic's it's easy to branch off into other tricks like pop shuvits, grinds, flip tricks.  

05 May 2003 18:41
first get used to riding comfortably so you have good balance when you wanna ollie..first work on shuvits,body varials,or some old school to get you used to the feel of landing small things,like try bonlesses then work on your ollies  

01 Jan 2004 23:16
I started skating three years ago because I missed snowboarding so much in the summer. After it took me two years (three summer months out of each) to ollie a foot high, shov-it, and drop in the pipe I decided snow is softer. But hey if you're tougher than I am girl, I'm impressed and I have all the scars and never-to-be-healed injuries to prove I'm tough.  

03 Jan 2004 15:58
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20 Jan 2004 15:04
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20 Jan 2004 15:05
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20 Jan 2004 21:06
dont get frustrated...that was my problem when i started skating!!!  

10 Feb 2004 07:05
Fuzzy Rider

03 Dec 2006 03:48

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