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Hey guys im looking for a new bmx but im tossing up between a GT or a Haro.. If anyone else has a better suggestion please let me know. Which one is a better brand GT or haro?  

31 Jan 2006 13:44
go to the bike lists for noobs thread  

01 Feb 2006 04:03
the list is in my sig so u know.  

01 Feb 2006 05:37
yes but i also asked which bike brand was better......  

01 Feb 2006 10:29
i think haro is better only cos i have 1 but my friend has a gt an its not too good  

01 Feb 2006 10:50
gt is bad

go to a bike shop and size stuff up and talk to the guys there  

01 Feb 2006 17:41
those kinds of questionsa are stupid, everyone is different just try whichever you want  

01 Feb 2006 19:49
ya everybody has different opinions for different bikes, so just go with the one you think is best  

01 Feb 2006 20:44
everything is personal preferance but ever since gt was bought out by giant, their products have turned to shit.  

02 Feb 2006 00:38
i think gt looks good but they ride like crap  

02 Feb 2006 00:41
the new gt looks liek crap to me and rides like crap. i just wish the old gt's were still made. :'(  

02 Feb 2006 01:54
they were bought out by giant? woah, where the hell have i been?  

02 Feb 2006 05:16
mike, you've been under a rock with your damn woodpushing board. lol. GT was bought out by giant 2 years ago. techincally 3 but it took them about a year for gt to finish off with their old stock and to take over.  

02 Feb 2006 05:51
i know, i dont follow bike news, just bike tricks and stuff.

im not that hardcore  

02 Feb 2006 15:29
so...does that mean i'm...hardcore? :

i stopped following bike news ever since transworld bmx went out of publication and i'm stuck with ride bmx, and that mag just fucking sucks. i wanna cancle my subscription.  

02 Feb 2006 17:08
i got a transworld bmx magazine at the x games for free.......  

02 Feb 2006 17:54
because "everything is on los angeles" ofcourse.

that was a pretty cool mag, im sad, its not like the sport is getting less popular, whats the dael with that?  

02 Feb 2006 19:19
transworld media was making more money off of ride bmx, not transworld bmx, because it sold for less in canaDUH and europe and is cheaper to make because it is basically of lesser quslity, so last year they stopped production of transworld bmx(the exact same day that i renewed my subscription for another 2 years. i still havnt gotten my $37 back).  

03 Feb 2006 04:07
i dont mind the ride bmx magazine, i got one for christmas and its pretty good, and i also got a pretty big poster with it  

03 Feb 2006 05:07
do people ever use the posters? i hang them up but other throw them away or never take them out.  

03 Feb 2006 16:04
i hang up a million posters around my room  

03 Feb 2006 17:24
i have like no posters on my walls. lol. i'm painting my walls black soon, dont wanna cover the black up. but i do have a UGP banner, profile racing banner, and dk bike co. one. all of which you can not buy.  

03 Feb 2006 18:08
since i moved i dont have any poster up...yet...

my family guy one is up though  

03 Feb 2006 19:15
i love getting free posters from magazines, i always put them up all over my room  

03 Feb 2006 19:50
my dad hates it when i hang them up, so i hang every single one up...  

04 Feb 2006 01:55
why does he hate it ?  

04 Feb 2006 03:18
because hes a dad, what do you think? probably cause the tape gets stuck on the walls adn its hard to take off.

i was downloading a live performance video of the hellacopters for 3 hours, and my dad came downstairs at like 11pm, stopped the download and turned the coputer off....  

04 Feb 2006 23:36
my dad has no say in what i do because i havent talked to him in years  

04 Feb 2006 23:43
i want my dad to be out of my life, but the money he makes to still come in because my mom cant work.

im 66% done with that download my dad stopped last it while hes at work..haha..ass  

05 Feb 2006 00:59
hey haro's r a reliable bike they have a strong frame tought i have a haro mirra they preety sweet they ride nice yer i recon haro  

16 Mar 2006 14:01
i recon a haro mirra they are nice and ride smmooth they and substane large drops and if u huck. they r reliable  

16 Mar 2006 14:05
aussie, ha  

16 Mar 2006 19:24
[QUOTE=Illusion]Hey guys im looking for a new bmx but im tossing up between a GT or a Haro.. If anyone else has a better suggestion please let me know. Which one is a better brand GT or haro?[/QUOTE]
HI i ad a gt a few year bk an it wo shite but eva since ive ad haros an theyv all bin good bikes Personaly HARO  

31 Mar 2006 16:34

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