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anyone going to camp woodward this summer? i hear that they raised the price up to $2500 for a week now or somthin like that but still only having the cutoff date for money 4-1.  

02 Feb 2006 05:53
i wanna go im not sure if we have the money tho  

02 Feb 2006 07:51
thats a shit loud of money for a camp lol i know its woodward and all but thats soo much lol  

02 Feb 2006 08:23
i went there last year, met jamie bestwick, kevin robinson and soem skater youve never heard of.

damn, i paid 1900 for two weeks last time.  

02 Feb 2006 15:35
damn, i paid 1900 for two weeks last time.[/QUOTE]
lucky bastard. they charge more for bmx because, well, we cause more damage if any. it was $2000 for one week last year. i just wish i was able to go 5 years ago when it was only 700 for a week.  

02 Feb 2006 16:28
for bmx, skate, inline, and gumnastics (i know), i think its all the same.  

02 Feb 2006 19:21
it is the same but you have to have your bike shipped there, and that aint cheap. it's only about $80 to take it on the plane with you but liek another $200 for the insurance, another $50 for the oversized package handling, and the extra $25 insurance and liability to take tools on the plane.  

03 Feb 2006 04:13
thats fuckin crazy man  

03 Feb 2006 05:08

10 letters yet?  

03 Feb 2006 06:34
if you drive you can just bring it there. you keep it in the "egypt" warehouse.  

03 Feb 2006 19:22
it's cheaper to fly there. with the cost of gas, food, hotels, thats about $100 more then a plane ticket woth all of those fee's.  

04 Feb 2006 00:30
its not expensive if you live close so depends  

04 Feb 2006 01:46
there were people who drove from orlando with thier bike and ohio, it got less hassle  

04 Feb 2006 01:53

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