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how do u do that thing when you go down the bowl and out then 180 then go back in... how do u do that  

04 Feb 2006 12:04
you mean 180 in the bowl or outside?  

04 Feb 2006 17:55
i think he means to air out. well, this is how.

1. drop in.
2. jump out.
3. atempt to spin.
4. crash.
5. it again.
7.and again
8.and again
8.and again.
100. land it.

just try until you get it, we can't tell you how to do it.  

04 Feb 2006 22:16
its summer in australia mate, youve got plenty of time to do it while im stuck inside. go try  

04 Feb 2006 23:33
[QUOTE=spaztix]you mean 180 in the bowl or outside?[/QUOTE]
yeh 180 in the bowl when u stay vertical but u can pull off tricks  

05 Feb 2006 03:49
just go a normal 180 when u hit the wall....... if you have to ask your odviously not ready  

05 Feb 2006 04:03

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