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has anyone seen p. i. g its well good its a game where u have to pull a trick if you dont u get a letter if you miss 3 tricks u are a pig

they have bmx motocross sking and snowboarding

they should have skateboarding that would be worth a watch  

04 Feb 2006 17:02
they call it S.K.A.T.E. 1 person does a trick if you mess up you get a "S" and so on until u get skate  

04 Feb 2006 17:56
theres a nationwide game of it every year. "eric koston's game of skate"

the winning trick the other guy couldnt do was a fakie hardflip.  

04 Feb 2006 23:31
they did that one year at skatelab near me and then another year at val surf the local shop

all my skater friends have gotten his signature about 5 times each  

04 Feb 2006 23:46
see? everything really is in los angeles.

does skatelab let bikes get in?  

05 Feb 2006 00:55
yea but at horrible hours  

05 Feb 2006 04:02
also you can catch a wildcard which means you get to choose what u wanna do some man did a fakie1080 on a snowboard and broke both his arms it was his own trick hahahahahahahhahahahahah  

05 Feb 2006 20:01
do any of u guys in america get a tv channel called extremesports

go to [url]www.extreme.com[/url] thats there website  

03 Mar 2006 05:59
nope i dont  

03 Mar 2006 06:16
yea i do except i live in canada  

03 Mar 2006 07:45

if you call canadian bacon "ham". what do you call "ham"? do you ever get the two mixed up? mom says, "go get the ham" so you get the bacon instead of the pig roast...does that ever happen?

rant ended...  

03 Mar 2006 19:18
i just call ham, ham and bacon, bacon  

04 Mar 2006 21:27
i get it to up here in canada lol, its an amazing channel, its justabout the only channel i watch lol  

04 Mar 2006 21:51
ya i never call it canadian bacon, i call it the same as unearth ham, ham and bacon, bacon  

04 Mar 2006 21:53

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