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what are your favorite shoes for ridin. i got globe focus but i think u can feel the pedals too much  

05 Feb 2006 10:31
i love my orchid vendevers. i'm on my second pair and i WILL be buying a third as soon as i need them. good grip, good feel of the pedals, and are comfy.  

05 Feb 2006 10:59
old school high top vans  

05 Feb 2006 17:10
hey how long do those orchid shoes last i have been having so much shyt lately i go through a pair in like 2 weeks so are they any good for lasting  

08 Feb 2006 15:44
theres a lot of threads like this...eS shoes  

08 Feb 2006 15:48
[QUOTE=BicyKiller]hey how long do those orchid shoes last i have been having so much shyt lately i go through a pair in like 2 weeks so are they any good for lasting[/QUOTE]
my orchids last me about a year. it would be longer if i didn't walk so much at school. even with most of the tred on the bottom gone, they still grip pedals nicely.  

08 Feb 2006 18:30
youre pretty much forced to walk at school right? are you going to take the train to class? lol  

08 Feb 2006 19:12
i love dvs's, there so comfortable and they last pretty long, i've had mine for justabout a year now  

08 Feb 2006 22:06
oh yeah, im supposed to tell why. ive had my eS since the begining of last summer and the cushions for my heels and stuff are still real puffy and the laces are durable.  

09 Feb 2006 15:20
fallen shoes are ssooo fomfy but the rubber on them wears down fast  

09 Feb 2006 17:17
fallens are so big and fluffly. how heavy are they?  

09 Feb 2006 22:58
there not so big and fluffy  

10 Feb 2006 04:43
vans are my favorite shoes for riding  

12 Feb 2006 21:51
i cant stand vans, iunno why i just hate them lol  

13 Feb 2006 03:50
i have vans slipons, dont wear any other vans.  

13 Feb 2006 23:01
oh man i especially hate the slip ons, they look so gay and they dont look like they last very long  

13 Feb 2006 23:47
the slip ons are super duper gay  

14 Feb 2006 01:20
you dont skateboard in slipons.

well, im not one to follow fashion trends, so your opinon on slipons has no affect on me, im wearing them.  

14 Feb 2006 03:59
Vans Suck!  

14 Feb 2006 06:17
you said it, im with you all they way  

14 Feb 2006 08:02

14 Feb 2006 15:24
rider who needs tip
i love riding in my vans  

22 Feb 2006 23:05
I got Converse All Star, black with purple flames. Pfffft. :)
I find the grip with these on my pedals is almost as good as my vans.  

23 Feb 2006 01:05
converse ar ealittle to narrow for me thats y i like the hightop classic vans there wider  

23 Feb 2006 04:24
everyone in europe has converse, whats the deal with that?  

23 Feb 2006 23:08
Hey, dunno man.
I just liked the flaming print on them - suits my style. :)  

23 Feb 2006 23:16
are you saying you are a flamer ? lol jk  

24 Feb 2006 02:32
i know soembody that has converse shoes in four different colors, which is just ridiculous, i think  

25 Feb 2006 01:02

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