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hi guys i have been riding for a couple of months now and i keep having this problem. i get a small puncture then i fix it as im pumping up my tyre the tube gets a big gash on the inside and i dont know whats going on ? ? help me please.will it be my shity single walled rim ?  

07 Feb 2006 13:32
get a new rim???  

07 Feb 2006 14:41
well you already stated what the problam was, "as im pumping up my tyre the tube gets a big gash on the inside" theres your problem, fix it.  

07 Feb 2006 15:31
1) trash those single walles.
2)if you dont have the money, take the wheel's off the bike.
3)take the tires off.
4)take the crappy tubes you bought out.
5)patch kits dont work
6)check to see if there is anything sharp in the tim that can punture the tube, and check with the inside of the tire also.
7)make sure that the rim liner is in good condition.
8)put everything back together
9)get thorn resistant/dirt/street tubes and put them on the bike.
----------pump up the tubes to 40psi
----------release all of the air just by holding the valve pin in. don't push the extra out by squishing the tube
----------slide the tubes into the tire under the one side of the tire you hopefully left off.
----------put tire back on.
10)put rim's back on bike.
11)pump up

07 Feb 2006 15:46
check the inside and ouise of the tire VERY carefully for thorns. you probally have a bunch of them in your tire  

07 Feb 2006 17:17
ive had that problem before riding through the woods. god damn thorns  

07 Feb 2006 19:18
this will solve all of your flat problems.

--click on "bike parts"
--click on "tubes"
--click on "dan's super thick"
--click on "add to cart"
--click on "check out"
--[type info here]
--wait 3-5 business days

07 Feb 2006 19:26
6 dollars is a good price, listen to that guy  

07 Feb 2006 19:29
yup. $6 plus shipping is an awsome price because with riding those tubs for 2 years, the only flat's i've gotten were from someone slashing my tire and from doing a fufanu with too little psi. they basically pay for themselves because you dont need to replace tubs every week or so.  

07 Feb 2006 19:33
the bikers at woodward are always replacing their tubes.  

07 Feb 2006 21:39
that's because they dont have the thick tubes. they're all weight crazy and find the idea of an extra 1lb to be crazy.  

07 Feb 2006 21:58

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