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anyone here ride in the city?
how do the cars treat ya in your town?  

16 Feb 2006 22:02
yea the cars treat me real well just the other day this one ford took me out for lunch  

17 Feb 2006 00:30
[QUOTE=mykull]anyone here ride in the city?
how do the cars treat ya in your town?[/QUOTE]

wut does that mean how do the cars treat you ? lol  

17 Feb 2006 01:00
like, anyone ever get chased by some asshole, orr hit someones car for semi hitting you with their car. fuckin road rage  

17 Feb 2006 01:24
me n my friends got chased by some other bikers a couple of times  

17 Feb 2006 02:13
people usually just yell stuff like "wear a helmet" and shit. also if you ride in downtown dc, its nice especially along the potomac river cause you can see the airport, the wash monument, the capital, and all this other stuff on a 5 mile path.  

19 Feb 2006 03:45
sounds like a pretty sweet view  

19 Feb 2006 04:08
its crowded with joggers and stuff but at night i get such an erection..oooooo...its real cool at night  

22 Feb 2006 06:48
rider who needs tip
i ride in my town senter the car treat us like rubbish  

22 Feb 2006 23:03
Don't get me started - the drivers round here are total idiots!
You're really risking your neck on the roads round here, so I just use the path.

I got stopped by a couple of policemen, they were gonna fine me for riding on the path! Pah!
I think I'd rather pay £20 than get hit by a bus! ;)  

23 Feb 2006 01:09
someone else actually said "rubbish", cool.

oh wait, hes form england, nvm  

23 Feb 2006 23:07
I say, where's my bowler hat?
Pip, pip old chap!

23 Feb 2006 23:29
no drivers have really bugged me just the pissed off lady when i cut infront of them now and then  

24 Feb 2006 04:09
nothing is worse then the wrath of a black mother. always yelling and telling you how stupid you are...i hate that  

25 Feb 2006 01:14
try ridin in chicago it aint non nice specially were i live"in da hood" as you people would say.the peepz here just look at you and laff when you tell them that you spent 250 dollars on a bike but when you ask them where thiers came from they proudly say K MART like kmart bikes are the shit or somn  

27 Mar 2006 22:44
chicago and wash dc are prolly equal when youre talking about the projects. excpet chicago is bigger.  

28 Mar 2006 01:11
look the guy kno s his city projects i still don like you for posting that ugly ass of yourself picture i was just kiddn  

29 Mar 2006 04:40
u really scared the shit out of me and when i say that i mean it i relly shit myself  

29 Mar 2006 04:41
thats not me, just search the "funny" or "noob" on google images and its on the first page that comes up...noob  

31 Mar 2006 16:16

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