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i just started boardin and i want to buy a board. i am bout 6'1 and 235. how long does my board need to be? and point me in the direction of some good quality boards. thanks  

20 Feb 2006 21:44
your board should prolly be anywhere from your nose or lower anything higher than your nose will be too long, it will be to hard for you to spin with a board past your nose, i have a forum board and i love it its so awesome, but they are pretty expensive  

20 Feb 2006 22:07
my friend jus bought some 5150 or somethin like that. is that a good board i thought bout buyin one.  

20 Feb 2006 22:17
ive never heard of it but it would prolly be a good starter board. then liek next seqason if you got better id say get a better quality board  

21 Feb 2006 03:47
its a vice 5150 it costed like 700 with boots and bindins. it rides really smooth.  

21 Feb 2006 05:30
whoa sounds pretty sweet then  

21 Feb 2006 07:10
oh shit, this is snowboarding, i thought this was skatebopard.

i was going to say, that a real big skateboard. im stupid  

23 Feb 2006 23:09
lmao ya a skateboard thats as tall as you  

24 Feb 2006 02:33
now that i think of it, i have seen boards that big. longboards, my shop has them  

25 Feb 2006 01:16
ya i know that long boards are that long, but a normal street board as long as you with pop and concave n shit  

25 Feb 2006 02:14
thats crazy, my shops are just flat this


25 Feb 2006 06:46
my long board has a tail and concave  

25 Feb 2006 19:45
those longboards look like they would be hard to maneuver and stuff, and they dont look that fun either  

25 Feb 2006 20:13

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