need tips on bunnyhop/cathop

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rider who needs tip
i can do the hops but they go about 2 cm high any one willing to tell me how to get it higher.  

22 Feb 2006 22:54
well first off are you liftig your front tire up first then your back or you whole back at the same time which is a common mistake many new comers make  

23 Feb 2006 04:29
keep practicing, youll get better  

23 Feb 2006 23:04
ya man just keep practising, ppl telling you stuff wont help much but practising and practising will  

24 Feb 2006 02:29
if you want to know how to tailwhip, i say "kick the bike around with our foot and get back on". yeah well, easier said then done. talk doesnt help...fool  

25 Feb 2006 01:01

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