which skateboards are the best?

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[FONT=Arial]tell me which type of skateboard u hav and tell me wats good about it and wats not.[/FONT]  

27 Feb 2006 19:50
when i used to skate i had a powell mini logo, mit had alot of pop and a lot of concave and i thought it was the best board ive ever ridden and plus mini logos are like half the price of any other board  

28 Feb 2006 03:31
i loved flip. they had nice pop alittle flatter on the concave which i like and there stong as could be.  

28 Feb 2006 04:46
alien workshops, seek boards, theyre nice  

01 Mar 2006 15:34
at the moment i have a chet thomas board it rides ok i guess it was only £65 of the net bout $80  

03 Mar 2006 06:11
is the pound thing the only wierd character on your keyboard that i dont have?  

03 Mar 2006 19:21
chris bmxer
i have the euro €  

04 Mar 2006 20:28
are they on all the new keyboards ??? coz i aint got the euro sign ?  

07 Mar 2006 07:04
chris bmxer
idk but i can put the euro sign by pressing the ctrl and alt and the $ sign  

07 Mar 2006 19:14
zero is the best in my oppinon, i have had it for like 3 months and it still hasnt lost its pop  

08 Mar 2006 16:42
chris bmxer
all buttons on my keyboard are working and i have it like one and half year  

08 Mar 2006 17:49
german ketboards let you get the two dots over "u" if i go to google language tools i can copy it if i ever need it.

pressing alt then $ takes me to the top of the page for soem reason  

10 Mar 2006 16:37
theres sssoooooo many little keyboard tricks  

10 Mar 2006 17:09
chris bmxer
its all about the keyboard model mine is an hp and bobe i understand that you have a lot of googlemania  

10 Mar 2006 19:12
google is the best, better than yahoo and al those psychos  

13 Mar 2006 16:37
I think flips are really good, both of my main boards are flips that i had, except for my second board, it was a bam that i got 3 or 4 years ago. The bam board was really bad, it had barely any pop, it was practically flat, no concave, and it almost cracked on my first boardslide with it. But flips are really good, they have really nice pop, a great concave, and if you get pissed off alot, this board lasts pretty long without smashing it.  

23 Mar 2006 23:47
ill never be able to remember all those tricks. the only ones i use are


thats about it  

24 Mar 2006 05:42
wal-mart boards are ok cuz they r cheap and if u get the right wheels its light  

25 Mar 2006 22:11
where did walmart boards come from? we're talking about keyboards now, lol.  

26 Mar 2006 09:38
and anyways no matter whata wal mart board is shit and mongoos ebikes suck dont even start  

26 Mar 2006 18:38
[QUOTE=bobe]where did walmart boards come from? we're talking about keyboards now, lol.[/QUOTE]
how am i supposed to no  

27 Mar 2006 00:22
read the conversation and it steers that way after a question  

27 Mar 2006 15:27
ok then.. my keyboard is crap  

28 Mar 2006 00:55
all american keyboards are crap. we cant put dots over letters, or have the euro sign, or british pound sign...  

28 Mar 2006 01:17
to canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or england!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

28 Mar 2006 02:40
woot canada :)  

29 Mar 2006 21:45

ive been to canada, montreal, clifton hill. it was pretty cool.  

29 Mar 2006 23:29
man i want to go to canada. but i need a car. screw the licence lol  

30 Mar 2006 01:46
you cant choose a deck by what graphic looks cool or what brand you think is the best, it all has to do with the width of the dech concave and how much pop the tail has. i always ride 7.5" wide boards cos they are most comfertable for me. to find the right board for you go to your local skate shop and try all the boards and see which is most suited to you thats what i always do.  

23 Apr 2006 04:52
dude check the dates!!!!!!!!!1 dont get messed up like me!!!!!!!!!!!  

23 Apr 2006 05:37
check the dates and the conversation, were talking about canada.

you live in wisconsin man, you can walk to canada  

23 Apr 2006 08:19
or take a boat....lol...just across superior.lol  

25 Apr 2006 03:37

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