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b4 i started bmx i did moto x and i had a new helmet and now that i do bmx i was thinkin instead of buying a fullface bmx helmet i use my motox helmet.. will i look like a dick?  

28 Feb 2006 13:35
i think its alittle ooverkill for street and stuff iono it depends on what ur doing  

28 Feb 2006 17:05
maybe if you were doin trails or dirt jumping it would be ok, but it would look kinda stupid if you wore it while street riding lol  

28 Feb 2006 22:06
yeh i wanna use it for dirt and big jumps so i dont hurt my head as bad when i stack  

01 Mar 2006 00:51
ya that would be ok to use that kind of helmet for that kinda stuff  

01 Mar 2006 03:01
yea go for it  

01 Mar 2006 04:02
r they better with or without the visa?  

01 Mar 2006 11:11
i dont use a visor, and im happier that way  

01 Mar 2006 15:32
culd u send me a pic of urs so i can c if mine looks the same  

02 Mar 2006 09:00
who cares if its the same or not ? lol  

04 Mar 2006 21:44
a full face helmet is a full face helmet i dont think anyone else even has one  

05 Mar 2006 03:30
i dont think you need to know what one looks like...youre not blind  

07 Mar 2006 15:46

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