ok, some help please

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i need some help doing a manuel, if anyone can help please explain. i think my problem is im not pulling up on the handlebars enough, but im not sure if its best to sit or stand?

im new.......anyone here from the bay area?  

10 Mar 2006 03:19
i suggest stand up when u manuel and just pull up like as hard as u can, and just PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE thats all you can basicaly do  

10 Mar 2006 03:39
aight thanxs  

10 Mar 2006 03:44
trial and error is cool  

10 Mar 2006 16:25
throw ur ass behind the seat and dont be afraid to pull up too much. the key is tapping ur brakes but onlt a TINY bit. if ur too far back tap em alittle bit if ur too far down kinda push ur legs out and use ur kness  

10 Mar 2006 17:06
im an idiot  

11 Mar 2006 02:10
oh yeah and the correct spelling is "manual"  

13 Mar 2006 16:17

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