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chris bmxer
I will get a bike when i will sell that i have now and i am wondering if GT is a good bike brand to buy.  

15 Mar 2006 20:55
everyone will prolly say no, but i have a gt and i like it  

15 Mar 2006 23:45
chris bmxer
The only brands that i know and you can buy are starfire,LA,freestyler,milan,do you know any of them?No.But everyone knows the GT  

17 Mar 2006 17:16
ya ive never heard of any of those lol  

17 Mar 2006 23:39
chris bmxer
so that makes gt the best  

18 Mar 2006 07:30
not really the best, its just a known company  

18 Mar 2006 09:11
chris bmxer
now i am trying to find a very good bike and i am between dk and hoffman but if you have a better suggestion tell me.  

18 Mar 2006 09:27
maybe fbm or wethepeople, or like a specialized  

18 Mar 2006 19:39
chris bmxer
those are good?  

19 Mar 2006 00:15
stolen isnt bad i like the DK WTP hoffman

new gt bikes suck

sorry i havent been on in a while got a new comp and been busy  

19 Mar 2006 06:54
chris bmxer
do you know a good bmx store at Vegas???and wich one is the best dk general lee 2006, dk four pack 2006 , dk cincinnati 2006 or dk dayton 2006  

19 Mar 2006 17:02
four pack all the way  

19 Mar 2006 21:40
chris bmxer
Are good 30 lbs for the weight of a bike ?  

19 Mar 2006 22:24
its average but weight shouldnt be that big a factor when you get a bike  

20 Mar 2006 03:06
[QUOTE=LlOyD_A7X]four pack all the way[/QUOTE]

are u fuckin serious the dayton is so much better  

20 Mar 2006 04:44
chris bmxer
are there any very good,cheap and light bikes  

20 Mar 2006 18:38
fuck light bikes around 30 pounds is fine. go in to your bike shop and aska round and there are so many threads about this just search  

21 Mar 2006 03:55
ya my bike weighs like 38 pounds and it doesnt really affect me  

22 Mar 2006 05:52
sorry i have nt posted in a while i forgot my password i think it was one of the sixes and GT is desent i have a GT mach one expert and its great  

27 Mar 2006 17:46

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