How do you do a HS Backroll?

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I can clear both wakes pretty easily, and I want to learn how to do a HS Backroll. How do you do one? Do you edge hard? I can't seem to make a full rotation and I always land on my head. Any suggestions?  

04 Jun 2003 17:24
I haven't landed one but the tip that helped me get all the way around was to hold the handle in close to your hips. Take a nice progressive cut to the wake holding the handle in as close to your hips as possible, stand tall and wait for the pop before throwing your head over your front foot shoulder. Look for your landing and let the handle out from your hips as you land. Hope this helps dude  

18 Jan 2004 22:21
use a medium cut at the wake dig you back foot in..edge through the the top of the wake try doin a backwards cartweel..keep the rope at your hips and spot the water then stick the landing!:)  

31 Jul 2006 05:24

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