My setup (reply please) cause im goin buy it today if it's good

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IS this good Habitat Gall Land Of Lore Hemp Deck and Thunder M. Johnson iv Hi, Dark star light knight 53mm wheels, Bones red bearings, FKD hard ware, Jessup griptape, and Alien work shop riser pads. Is that a good setup. Should i even get risers with it?  

21 Mar 2006 02:33
i never used risers when i skated  

21 Mar 2006 02:35
Ok i wont get any then but is my setup good or do you know??  

21 Mar 2006 02:39
ya its pretty good  

21 Mar 2006 02:45
Ok so no riser pads right?  

21 Mar 2006 02:49
you can get them if u want to, im just sayin i didnt use them  

21 Mar 2006 02:58
So it wont make any diffrence the way the board rides or how stong it is if i have risers or not  

21 Mar 2006 03:00
riser pads are gay dude they dont do shit. plus your getting high trucks so ull be way to high. if you wanna ride street get mid trucks and 50 or 51mm wheels  

21 Mar 2006 03:57
I just bought it like 10 15 minutes ago i didnt get risers though so will i still be to high  

21 Mar 2006 04:33
well there is no "too" high its preference  

21 Mar 2006 04:57
Is it a bad idea to build a half pipe out of cement?  

21 Mar 2006 05:00
only if u dont know how to do it  

21 Mar 2006 06:05
having a cement halfpipe hurts more too when u fall  

22 Mar 2006 05:54
[]Is it a bad idea to build a half pipe out of cement?[/QUOTE]

that is an extremely bad idea unless your a professional. and concrete ramps suck.

and the brand of risers pads and grip tape makes absolutely no difference at all. neither does the brand of screws you use. i just get the cheapest ones.

never had a habitat deck, i love their wheels though. tell me how it goes  

23 Mar 2006 04:00
thats not entirely true cheap grip tape wears down fast as fuck and gives u shitty grip cheap hardware brakes and dont say it dosnt cause ive broekn so many  

23 Mar 2006 05:34
ive never had that problem but w/e  

24 Mar 2006 06:00
ya i havnt had a problem with hardware either. i just get the ones with the little tool (like previous people)  

25 Mar 2006 20:39
my friend always use to break hardware and lose hardware off his board all the time  

25 Mar 2006 21:46
i only lost 1 bolt and for a while i just skated without it cuz i had (and still only have) 2 cents  

25 Mar 2006 21:59
all my bolts came off one time and i lost my truck at the top of a halfpipe when i was doing a disaster. but they didnt break, and i got them back. thats as close as i got to breaking anything  

26 Mar 2006 09:34
hahahah lol that makes me laugh for some reeson  

26 Mar 2006 19:55
well people are the park were laughing at me, then they got mad when they saw the enormous mark i made in the halfpipe when i tried to roll away with no wheels.  

26 Mar 2006 19:57
that makes me laugh even more. there was mud surrounding this skate park and i went up a quarter flew into the mud (without my board) and every 1 was laughing at me so i sk8ed with the mud on me and i almost got into i fight that was 25 against me. (with boards as weapons) i smacked 3 guys and ran(can u blame me)  

26 Mar 2006 20:02
i got one of my boards in the mud, now its ruined the wheels barely move  

26 Mar 2006 20:18
that sux :smile:  

27 Mar 2006 00:18
ill clean it up...someday  

27 Mar 2006 15:29
ya so u say  

28 Mar 2006 00:52
when i say "someday" it means ill do it....but expect to wait a month atleast.

4 months in the case of my broken truck picture  

28 Mar 2006 01:12
well i barlely no u  

28 Mar 2006 02:48
thats why i said that  

28 Mar 2006 03:10
true.very true.. this isnt reely about skateboarding any more....  

29 Mar 2006 01:06
every thread goes liek off topic lol  

29 Mar 2006 21:49
its better like that because this is what we call "delayed instant messaging" you get an im every day on this site. once a day  

29 Mar 2006 23:30
i guess its the same for me  

30 Mar 2006 01:45
My board is pretty good but it veers off to the left when i just push it with my foot when i'm not on it  

31 Mar 2006 01:51
did u set up the board urself? o ya welcome back  

31 Mar 2006 02:14
[]My board is pretty good but it veers off to the left when i just push it with my foot when i'm not on it[/QUOTE]

get new bushings  

31 Mar 2006 03:11
[]My board is pretty good but it veers off to the left when i just push it with my foot when i'm not on it[/QUOTE]
ya that happened to me cuz i put the trucks on backwards lol  

31 Mar 2006 05:52
that gets me real mad when that happens  

31 Mar 2006 16:18
ya i skated like that untill i got a new board..........................1 year later!!!!!  

01 Apr 2006 00:39
Are bushings the rubber things that attach the truck part to the flat part where the 4 screws are. No i didnt put the board together Blackholeboards did.  

01 Apr 2006 03:21
o then i dont know the problem. do u lean to the left all the time? cuz my board does that but it goes to the right cuz i lean on it all the time  

01 Apr 2006 18:19
those are riser pads. bushings are really hard to explain but heres a pic


02 Apr 2006 02:28
thats wut i thought  

02 Apr 2006 02:37
The thing that keeps the truck from moving around  

02 Apr 2006 21:24
when you turn, the bushings turn to slant the trucks.  

03 Apr 2006 01:49
yayaya i put mine in upside down when i started skating lol!  

04 Apr 2006 04:17
i think i might have done that one time when i was little and i like got my first board  

04 Apr 2006 21:19
yaya man its funny now that u think about it  

05 Apr 2006 01:01
Theres just one bushing per truck right  

07 Apr 2006 00:59
no i think theres 2 but i am not sure.i never paid attention lol ^_^ :)  

07 Apr 2006 03:43
ya theres only one per truck  

07 Apr 2006 22:41
wow i think theres 2 on mine.u no wut i looked and there are 2 per truck.on mine and mine was put to gether already  

08 Apr 2006 01:01
i dont think so  

08 Apr 2006 02:04
i will takes a pic of mine and post it later  

08 Apr 2006 04:27
no man, take apart your truck, theres two  

11 Apr 2006 04:48
dude theres 2 dumbasses  

11 Apr 2006 20:13
i knew it!!!!!!  

11 Apr 2006 23:37
i swear there was only one but w/e i havnt even looked at a skateboard in liek almost 2 years  

12 Apr 2006 20:43
well then look at one!!!!!! :) lol  

12 Apr 2006 20:50

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