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What is everyones favorite skate magazine? Mine is Transworld, i also get CCS and Industrial Rideshop.  

23 Mar 2006 04:24
ya mine was transworld, i subscribed to it 2 years in a row  

23 Mar 2006 05:41
transworld but i dont get it i used to

and css and the other are just shops not skate mags  

23 Mar 2006 07:26
Yea, i know, i just wanted to include them cause they have nice stuff. Ive been getting Transworld for 2 years and 4 months exactly.  

23 Mar 2006 23:39
i have a tranworld subscription, i just renewed it for two more years last month. i like thrasher too, i pick it up once in a while when i see it, but i dont want a subscription.  

24 Mar 2006 05:54
i like thrasher but i dont look at the mags much  

25 Mar 2006 22:23

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