i did this stall thing on this other thing

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[[COLOR=Magenta]SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]i like stalled on the flat part of a plastic crap kicker that ur soppose to mount to the ground it was funny cuz it moved the whole thing and i waz sittin there for a second and then i ollied off and LANDED it!!!!has any 1 ever done that before in this forum?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]  

25 Mar 2006 20:47
i dont really understand wut you are talking about lol, explain it more specifically  

25 Mar 2006 21:43
darn a picture would help wouldnt it
i wish i had one ok . [IMG]my camera 007[/IMG] i stopped on the flat part of my Crap Cicker and it slid forward and i ollied off of it  

25 Mar 2006 21:56
o ic now lol  

25 Mar 2006 21:58
i wish i would of got a picture of me doin it tho. i normally sk8 alone and i dont have a video camera  

25 Mar 2006 22:03
skating alone is so boring  

26 Mar 2006 02:30
skating alone has given me a satisfaction that cant be beaten....skating alone owns...

and what do you mean has anyone done that before? thats so easy  

26 Mar 2006 09:26
yea dude i have plastic kickers and me and my friends have done basically everything u can do with them  

26 Mar 2006 18:46
no it was reely funky kinda way it was screwed up. i did the same thing today except i did a pop shuv it off of it. it was funny cuz i hit my naybors minivan  

26 Mar 2006 19:33
my little kicker broke, the lip has holes in it so i cant use it, but i dont wan to buy another one, its not that great or fun  

26 Mar 2006 19:34
i have this 3 inch high kicker so basiclly its not a kicker and its almost too small for a sk8 board. its for bmx. its soooo tiny.my cuzin is scared to go off a 3 inch kicker  

26 Mar 2006 19:37

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