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ok i can easily land a kickflip but i cant seem to get how to move my foot right to pop a heelflip. Its usually the other way around for most people but when i try it my heel just hits the board and flies forward. so any help on how to do this would be awsome  

25 Mar 2006 20:48
i started to to heelflips off kickers so u just have to kick with ur heel and u dont have to ollie off the kicker but it helps  

25 Mar 2006 21:33
practice practice practice practice  

25 Mar 2006 21:42
[QUOTE=LlOyD_A7X]practice practice practice practice[/QUOTE]
it took me 3 months so dont get angry if u dont get it in the first couple weeks as loyd sed practice  

25 Mar 2006 22:01

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